The Hiraeth

by Lucretia

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released June 23, 2017

Marco Carotenuto: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Tony Goncalves: Vocals, Percussion
Michael Terry: Guitar, Vocals, Noise/Samples
Sean Walsh: Bass

Additional Vocals on "Homewrecker, Housemaker" by Danny Cuneo (Kidnapped, Lateral, Extradite, etc)

Lyrics for "Those With Loaded Guns / Those Who Dig" and "Ultramarine" by Tony Goncalves

Lyrics for "Homewrecker, Housemaker" by Michael Terry

Lyrics for "Ellipsis" by Tony Goncalves and Michael Terry

Recorded at Broken Lungs Studio in West Haven Connecticut
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Cornell

Artwork Photography: Kasia Gumowski, digitally altered by Lucretia

Beavis & Butthead is property of Mike Judge & Viacom

Ronald Reagan is in Hell right now



all rights reserved


Lucretia Connecticut

Esoteric hardcore played by disenfranchised metal kids from the Rust Belt section of Connecticut



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Track Name: Those With Loaded Guns / Those Who Dig
Bleached by the Sun
Crushed by the rock
There are those with loaded guns, and there's those who dig

Darling come here, at the top of the mountain that I hold up

Blessed by this, you only see
You are only just a dream
I wouldn't want your soul, or even your weight in gold

Nothing is here, except for the blood that is scrapped on the floor
Nothing is here, at the top of the mountain that I hold up

Track Name: Homewrecker, Housemaker
Four coffins laid in tandem
What good is a body to the Holy Ghost?

I spent my day as a mayfly; in final minutes
but there's worse in life than being outlived
Where was hope when the wind in our sails turned to smoke?
Are we the venom or the antidote?

I never thought you were brave, though I expected more than silence to comfort you
I tried to shape the broken pieces of us into rope, tie it to hope, but weightless anchors won't take hold

I found God in a street off of Hawthorne, a wasp nest had carved itself in her bones
Her tongue was split in twain, though she sang "If I grow a heart as black as yours I'll make it bleed twice"

I hope the city of Milford falls into the fucking ocean and they find you in the driftwood

"Don't babe me"
Track Name: Ellipsis
I'm too valiant
I'll make this rotten heart beat once more until it ends on your lips
Coarse like the sand I eat
I see the crows circle above me but they feast on the earth

I hate every word that falls out from your throat
I hope you choke on your ashened, black heart
the sins of my father aren't the same as my own
the pavement will crack under the weight of the stone

Because words lose their meanings when we lose ourselves
Lions have hearts made of crystalline bells
so drink down your sorrows and curse out the world
Its not your fault that your life has unfurled

"It's malignant"
I've spent the better part of of 18 months trying to gnaw through my wrist, trying to catch my breath
I haven't sent seen you in years do you still always lead with the rook?

All I know is I'm drowning. It's befitting since I would rather be forgotten
Track Name: Ultramarine
Snow falls, sun sets
Screams reach out at me
Others slaughtered, I'm the first to flee
As they surround, teeth grab out at me
I suffer nothing but teeth and claws ripping of parts of me
Mauled by the pack